Additional "are you satisfied with our support" email sent, after intending to reduce the number of emails our support desk sends
Incident Report for systems
During a review of our help desk automations we noticed a configuration change we made that will have caused an extra "are you satisfied" email being sent to some customers' domains once a support ticket was set to solved.

We take the effectiveness of our IT support very seriously, and we strive to provide the very best IT support we possibly can. One way of measuring this is to request a satisfaction rating, asking you if you're satisfied or not with our IT support when you need it.

Previously, we sent an automated follow-up email to all solved support tickets, asking the requester to rate our support, satisfied or not. We automated to send this email request 24 hours after a ticket was solved (our assumption being some tickets might not be fully solved and thus need to be reopened).

Subsequently, we took the view this was simply adding to many peoples' already overflowing inboxes, and we didn't want to add one more email just to ask "hey, how good are we?". So, we incorporated our "satisfaction request" into the email we send when a ticket is solved (rather than in a separate email sent 24 hours later). Yay, one less email we send per ticket, our customers will surely be happy with that.

Herein lies the problem. For some domains we provide support to, we did not deactivate the "24 hours later satisfaction request" email. Thus, these customers were being asked "hey, how good are we?" in an email when we notified them we'd solved the issue, and again, 24 later, "hey, how good are we?" in a separate email. Naturally, this was never our intent. Genuinely, we intended to cut down on the emails we send, not to remind you to rate us.

We have since made configuration changes to resolve this issue.

We're sorry. We made a mistake. We hope you weren't too inconvenienced. Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority.

Thank you.

PS. We don't actually ask "hey, how good are we?" in our satisfaction requests; please consider that artistic license while we crafted this apology regarding our configuration "error".
Posted over 2 years ago. Jun 17, 2016 - 20:35 CDT